Medical Student Courses

Academic Medicine College Foundations Simulation Training (AMC FDNS (MS4))
Acute Care College Foundations Simulation Training (ACC FDNS (MS4))
Acute Care Selective (ACC Selective)
Anesthesia Sub-Internship (ANES-SUBI (SOM MS4))
Block 2 Cardiovascular Simulation (Block 2 Sim)
Block 9 Cardiovascular Simulation (Block 9 CV Sim)
Block 9 Pulmonary Simulation (Block 9 Pulm Sim)
Clinical Foundations Simulation Training (CLIN FDNS (MS3))
Clinical Skills 1 (ClinSkills1)
Clinical Skills 2 (ClinSkills2)
College of Applied Anatomy College Foundations Simulation Training (CAA FDNS (MS4))
EM Student Interest Group Simulation (EM SIG Sim)
Emergency Medicine Sub-Internship (EM Sub-I)
Harvey Heart Sounds (Harvey)
Intensive Care Unit Sub-Internship (ICU Sub-I)
Internal Medicine Clerkship (IM Clerkship)
Internship Bootcamp Simulation (Internship Bootcamp)
Obstetrics/Gynecology 3rd Year Clerkship (OB/GYN Clerkship)
Pediatric Clinical Skills Session (Peds ClinSks)
Primary Care College Foundations Simulation Training (PCC FDNS (MS4))
Problem-based Learning (PBL)
Transition to Internship: Critical Decisions (MD950.01) (TTI (MS4))

Resident Courses

Advanced Cardiac Life Support - Recertification (ACLS-Recert)
Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
Anesthesia PGY1 First Month Anesthesia (ANES-PGY1)
Anesthesiology Critical Incident Simulation Training (ANES-CI)
Emergency Medicine Simulation Training (EM SIM)
Internal Medicine Simulation Training (IM SIM)
NICU Team Training (NICU sim)
Pediatric InSitu Simulation Training (Peds InSitu)
Pediatric Resident Simulation (Peds Sim)
PICU Fellowship Simulation (PICU SIM)
Primary Care Skills Workshop (Primary Care Skills)
Radiology Resident Contrast Safety Course (Radiology Sim)
Resident Simulation Elective (SIM ELECTIVE)
Transthoracic Echocardiogram/Transesophageal Echocardiogram Training (TTE/TEE Training)

Clinical Nurse Courses

CT ICU Nursing Simulation (CT ICU Nursing Sim)
Harvey Heart Sounds (Harvey)

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Courses

Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology Simulation Training (MOCA® Sim)

Faculty Development Courses

Simulation Instructor Training (INST TRNG)

Team Training Courses

Adult Critical Care Transport (Adult CCT)
Obstetrics InSitu Simulation Team Training (OB InSitu)
Obstetrics Simulation Team Training (OBTEAM)
Operating Room Team Training (ORTEAM)
Peds Critical Care Transport (Peds CCT)

Dental Student Courses

Dentistry Simulation (Den Sim)


Equipment Rental (EQP Rent)
Research (Research)
Simulation Not Available - Reserved for PPP (SimPPP)
UCLA Simulation Center Tour (Tour)
Holiday - Sim Center Closed (Holiday)